Chartwells K12 to Offer Free Foundational Education Opportunities to Support Employee Career Development

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Chartwells K12, a provider of dining programs for schools across the country, has launched a fully-funded foundational education benefit to help their School Lunch Heroes advance their education and career opportunities. The new program was designed in partnership with Guild Education, the nation’s leading education and upskilling platform, and provides Chartwells’ associates with the opportunity to take advantage of a number of programs to broaden their professional skills and continue their education.

Through Guild, Chartwells will now pay 100% of tuition for a variety of foundational programs through high-quality learning providers. These include high school completion programs, digital literacy courses, and career prep and soft skills certificates. The program is available to nearly all frontline associates, whether they have been a part of the Chartwells K12 team for one day or many years.

“We’re committed to helping our associates achieve their goals and being part of the Chartwells family means there are incredible career paths, not just jobs,” said Belinda Oakley, CEO, Chartwells K12. “The benefits available through our new partnership with Guild build on our existing opportunities to help everyone on the frontline continue their education in a way that’s right for them.”

All programs offered through Guild are self-paced, online, and designed with employees in mind, offering the opportunity for associates to earn their certificate or high school diploma while working. Associates will also have access to 1-on-1 coaching services, to help guide them through every step of the process from course selection to completion.

“Learning is one of our core values and this is another opportunity where we’re able to make a difference by investing in those who invest so much of themselves into the communities we serve across the country,” continued Oakley.

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