Fun with food at home

Learning experiences that spark curiosity, discovery and a sense of adventure are the cornerstone of our innovative approach to nutrition education. Through Discovery Kitchen At Home, students can participate in fun activities that introduces them to new foods, flavors and nutrition outside of the classroom.​​​

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Delicious and nutritious

RECIPES TO TRY AT HOME...Browse them all here!

Cinnamon Orange Roasted Sweet Potatoes


Whole Grain
Energy Bites


Strawberry Chocolate Blenderless Smoothie


Happy & healthy at home:


Boost your family’s immunity

A healthy eating pattern, as well as other healthy lifestyle behaviors, can be the invisible armor in your family’s crusade against COVID-19 and more.

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Budget-friendly staples

Items that you can stock up on that are inexpensive, healthy and will last for a long time in your pantry or freezer.

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Pandemic eating tips

Some simple guidelines to help you feel your best and control your anxiety during these challenging times.

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Serving up
happy & healthy

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