Students Continue World Food Adventure as Chartwells K12 Adds New Destinations to its ‘Global Eats’ Program

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Award-winning program expands with authentic Korean and Caribbean recipes coming to school lunch menus

One year ago, Chartwells K12 began its world culinary tour taking kids on a food adventure with its Global Eats program. Thousands of students, four countries, and one award later, Chartwells K12 is adding two new cultural cuisines to school cafeteria menus this year – Korean and Caribbean.

Global Eats was created by Chartwells K12 to turn food into a worldly adventure and introduce students to the unique ingredients, authentic flavors, and traditional recipes from diverse global cuisines. This year, Chartwells K12 is taking even more students and schools on the adventure, bringing the program to the nearly 300 school districts they serve in the Midwest and Great Lakes, InspireNOLA Charter Schools (La.), Spartanburg District 3 (S.C.), and many more!

“Over the past year, Global Eats has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from students,” said Amy Shaffer, CEO, Chartwells K12. “Their feedback is invaluable to our chefs and dietitians as they continue creating fun, educational, food-focused programs. With new destinations coming to even more schools this year, Global Eats is another way we’re making sure kids leave the cafeteria happier and healthier than they came in.”

Chartwells K12 chefs and dietitians worked alongside celebrity chefs who are experts in global cuisines to expand the program’s menu. This year, in addition to China, India, Italy, and Mexico, Global Eats will take students to:

  • The Caribbean: Chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph, the Austin-based pastry chef and partner at Emmer & Rye Hospitality Group, brings the fierce flavors and vibrancy of Caribbean culture, perfecting recipes that include Jamaican Beef Hand Pies, Dominican Mangu, Puerto Rican Style Sofrito Rice, and Roasted Jerk Chicken.
  • Korea: With a background studying Korean food and history as an American Culinary Corps member with the U.S. State Department, Chef Angel Barreto went on to become executive chef and partner of Anju, a contemporary Korean restaurant located in Washington, D.C. Chef Barreto pushes the boundaries of Korean cuisine while honoring its traditions, creating meals like Korean-Style Zucchini Namul, Kimchi Tofu Grain Bowl, Korean Pork Bibimbap Bowl, and Gochujang-Style Chicken Lettuce Cups.

“I grew up cooking and baking alongside my aunt in Guyana, savoring the flavors of South America and the Caribbean,” said Chef Bristol-Joseph. “After bringing those authentic flavors to my restaurants in Austin, I’m honored to partner with Chartwells K12 and thrilled for students to experience a taste of the Caribbean in their own school cafeterias.”

In addition to the culturally rich recipes for students to choose from, there is an educational component to Global Eats that encourages ongoing participation and learning about different customs and cultures. These efforts include in-school cooking demonstrations, tastings, videos, activities, and giveaways, and the Global Eats website, which can be accessed at any time and features recipes, videos, reading recommendations, and other activities for students and families.

“Growing up in a military family, I learned to enjoy regional dishes and flavors, but nothing surpassed my mom’s homemade Korean cuisine,” said Chef Barreto. “She loved creating meals from her time spent living abroad, and I shared her passion. I can’t wait for kids to learn about a new culture in a fun and delicious way with Global Eats!”

The Global Eats program was Food Management’s 2023 Best Management Company Concept award winner. It joins many other innovative food education programs, including Discovery Kitchen, Student Choice, and Mood Boost, created by Chartwells K12 to help schools make the cafeteria happier and healthier for students.

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